Legion Military Car



The Legion Car Series From The Polesie Factory Is Presented In The Form Of Stylish Jeeps Adapted For Military Operations.

The Toy Has A Realistic Design, Rounded Parts.

The "Legion" Safari Car No. 2 Is Made In Green Color And Has A Spacious Closed Trunk.
On The Roof, There Is An Imitation Of Additional Light In The Form Of A Row.
For Many Children, Especially Boys, It Is Important To Have A Variety Of Cars In The Toy Arsenal.
They Allow You To Get Acquainted With Different Types Of Vwhicles, To Understand How They Work.
Thanks To the Durability of the Material from Which the Toy Is Made, The Car Will Serve A Child for A Long Time.

MEASUREMENTS (L x W x H) = 38cm x 22cm x 20cm


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